AWater is an essential resource we humans need to hydrate ourselves and functionally keep the body moving. There is no doubt that it is one of the needs that we cannot survive without, not a single day! There has been enough talk about how we all need to drink more water, but how do we do that? Major companies launched water-based flavors like coconut, rose, and lavender water. These flavors are not a need of humanity but a tactic to indulge us, consumers, into consumers more water. It is not only refreshing but you get to experience a vision of luxury with daily consumption of water. Bevpax is one of the most famous companies in the market which focuses on beverage innovation. The launching of flavor-induced waters has encouraged the local consumer to drink more and live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the flavored waters and their benefits, explained:


There are many benefits of alkaline water. Alkaline water is water with a higher pH level. It is a great way to detox drinks that help you flush out toxins from your body. It is a sustained way to hydrate your body, reduce acidity in the body and boost immunity. Alkaline black water has the added benefit of over 70 minerals which can give major long-term benefits. Regular water with a pH of 7or less can create too much acid in your blood cells. Alkaline water does the exact opposite when consumed in the right amount. It can balance out all the acidity and relieve your gut problems.


Liquid collagen water is pure with the addition of protein suspended collagen. Collagen is the protein cell of our skin, and these supplements and extra intake boosts growth. This means that not only will you look good, but also feel good after drinking this water. Collagen water tastes almost the same as normal water, with some density and heaviness to it. There isn't any particularly overpowering taste or smell, yet, it is beneficial in the long run. This water is beneficial for the health of hair, skin, nails, and joints. Relying totally on the liquid supplement is not something considered as treatment. It is only beneficial to a certain extent, for certain growth cycles.


Enhanced water is great for many reasons. This ultimate water increases your water intake. Extra nutrients and minerals are sometimes added to benefit more with the same amount of drinking water. Enhanced water tends to make you feel. There is truly nothing as refreshing as a sip of fullness and health.


If you are still feeling drained out a good option would be to search for coconut water near me. Coconuts have their cores filled with water, commonly called by the name coconut water. It has a sweet and nutty flavor. This water is great for people who are health-conscious and avoid sugary options. This water is low in sugar and calories and great for a high dose of hydration.There are various benefits of coconut water apart from being it being healthy and delicious. It is an electrolyte-filled, all-natural beverage best when chilled. Natural coconut water has proven to benefit your heart rate, balance blood sugar, improve kidney health and keep you refreshed!


Protein water is great for people who have gut and digestion problems. The water has the added nutrients of protein, which is great for people who do heavy lifting and bodybuilding. Like protein shakes, this water has all the vital nutrients which help the body recover faster. The recent supply of protein water has increased due to the rise in covid, protein is one of the vital sources of medicine. This water is easier to gulp on while providing the necessary nutrients. They increase muscle power, performance and encourage recovery.


Flavors tend to increase the taste and benefit of simple liquids like water. The Fito range is an all botanical innovation of Bevpax, which caters to people who like flowery scents. These bottles have the added flavor which is your overall body health. Not only is this water great for your skin, hair, and nails but also beneficial for your gut.


The innovation industry knows how to cater to the audience's demands. This is how we stumbled upon the connection of probiotics in water, which is a great health indulgence. Fighting off bad bacteria and keeping your body healthy with all the required probiotics is a rather tough job. Now, this probiotic water has all the concerning nutrients which can help you revive your energy. There are various benefits of probiotic water which include betterment in mood, skin health with promotion to all other areas. Probiotic water is great for weight loss, heart diseases, and fatigue. Anyone from any age, genre, and medical background can consume this water with a doctor's advice.


Flavored water has been gaining all popularity these days for its essence and taste. Flavors enhanced with water are rather an innovation. Juices have been out for ages, yet keeping water pure and flavoring it is a task. Mango, strawberry, lychee, aloe, raspberry, rose, lavender is some of the types of flavored water. The hard part is to maintain the integrity of water while flavoring it because otherwise, it will turn into juice. The major aspect however is making the consumer feel refreshed with the taste. Flavored water also comes with additional vitamins and nutrients to multiply the benefit. You can get all the vital nutrients just by sipping on the water daily. These are some of the key extra-water resources easily available in the market. There is no doubt that innovation is the mother of it all, yet, health is the utmost priority! If you are someone who greatly considers their health as the benefit without compromise, explore these options. The advantage is that you get to sip on simply while enjoying a different, more innovative taste.