Water is the smartest and healthiest drink out there available in an abundance! The beverage industry is massive in innovation and nutrition. In recent times, the switch towards a fast and smart lifestyle has increased giving us more products and resources available. Drinks like alkaline, prebiotic, and collagen water can benefit the average consumer. You can make a healthier switch in your lifestyle because it is about making better more convenient choices. The world is a very informed place, thanks to the internet but it is also something that downs our productivity. If you are someone who follows and appreciates a healthy life, this is the blog for you! There is a lot that goes behind dieting and exercising, it is about how you switch things around. Finding alternatives is a safer option than completely giving up on something you love. Staying hydrated is one rule to losing weight, however, let us be real, it isn't easy. There are no set criteria for performance, but you can always improve your body's performance. Here are some of the best, most refreshing drinks to indulge in:


The fact is that green tea is not something most people associate with a filled stomach. It is a drink best for digestion and resolving your gut issues. This herbal tea has various health benefits and fragrances while it soothes and hydrates the body. Studies suggest that consuming green tea can make a massive shift in your metabolism, sugar, and blood sugar levels. Consuming green tea right after a meal is great for people who feel a burning sensation afterward. It has a high level of polyphenols which help prevent certain types of cancer. It is not an ordinary flavored drink but a tea that can make a massive shift in your body's functional cores.


Beetroots are a big source of adding magnesium, nitrates, and folic acid to your diet. This juicy red vegetable is full of nutrients that help balance your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is one of the best-colored vegetables with the tendency to increase blood clarity. It is great for people who like exercising since it increases metabolism with improved blood flow. The vegetable is rich in potassium, iron, and vitamin c. The bottom line is that these beets may look small but they have various health-promoting properties.


Coconut soda or water has been in the industry for years now. This milky fluid is a great source of dense hydration which provides multiple health benefits. It is beneficial after prolonged exercise and supports heart health. A great source of added hydration for people who suffer from diabetic problems. Coconut water has added sugar and a nutty flavor. It is not close to water, however, it is not juice as well. It tastes like sweet cloudy water filled with vital nutrients. Coconut water is safe for everyday consumption but high doses are unhealthy.


We are all well aware of the many benefits of lemons and how they can help our bodies. Lemons are so rich in nutrients that even the peel is full of soluble dietary fiber. The best benefit of lemon juice is digestion and immunity-building mechanism. Most doctors believe that if digestion works well, the body won't face any other issues. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens bones, promotes oral health, and prevents anemia deducting kidney stones. The best benefit is that it contains various antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that immediately wake you up. Naturally, all these benefits made us invent lemon water, which is nothing but chilled water with some squeezed lemon. You can add maple syrup or honey for a touch of sweetness. This is a great way to wake up in the morning, freshen up your mind to kick start the day!


Kombucha is a fermented form of sweetened black tea or any other herbal green tea. It is not yeast or bacteria-based tea, but a simple form of cold fermentation. It tastes like iced tea, with a little punch of extra fermentation. In a long run, Kombucha strengthens the metabolism which breaks down stubborn belly fat. It is a great source of vital probiotics, with all added benefits of green tea and antioxidants that kill bacteria. It reduces the risk of heart disease and manages diabetes. It is a great way to start your day with the right vitals that promote hydration and boost immunity.


We all know that every bottle of water doesn't taste the same, and all this relates to its pH level. The majority of the people consume acidic water and land on the scale of 6-7 pH. Now, this is not good in the long term, since everything you consume affects your body. Acidic water can thin out your blood making it more acidic, hence prone to diseases and infections. Alkaline water came into the mass market to sort this problem, where the effective pH lands around 8-9 on the scale. As a start, this might sound too basic on the scale but there are many benefits of this. It helps you prevent bone loss, maintain long-term health, and clear out your gut problems.


Aloe vera is a much-underrated source of hydration and healing. Aloe vera water targets the audience who take care of their hydration. Aloe itself has various nutrients like vitamin B, C, and E with an intense antioxidant load. Aloe water is recommended by various doctors to protect and prevent radical damage from the environment. It is a strong dose of hydration, to be consumed at least 20 minutes before meal to avoid any acid reflux. It is a dense source of hydration great for intake in a limited quantity.